At Skycards4europe we are committed to providing the number one Sky television and Sky online service in Europe.

We are pretty ambitious here at Skycards4europe and since our inception, have aimed to be the leading one-stop-shop for British Sky television and entertainment in Europe.

But before starting out, the first thing we did was ask British Expats and English speakers across Europe for feedback on what they wanted from a Sky provider. The message was loud and clear! Of course, they wanted a service that offered the full range of sky channels, packages and the latest in Sky technology but above all, they wanted a straightforward and stress free start up with simple pricing structures.

And this was our opportunity to really stand out from the competition, because not only do we provide the all important Sky card, digibox and satellite, we also recruit the best Sky installers from across Europe, so that we can facilitate the entire setup process for you, from start to finish, meaning that language barriers and third party issues are cut to the absolute minimum. Our aim is to be able to provide a recommended, fully trained installer, wherever you are in Europe and we are well on our way to hitting that goal.

With our reliable easy service, and varied bespoke packages our client base has grown rapidly over the years, enabling us to provide more and more homes with the UK Sky TV that they have been missing. But we don’t want to rest on our laurels either, we want to maintain our reputation for excellent customer service and keep that number one spot as the premier European Sky provider, so we have endeavoured to keep our ears open and stay focused on what makes our customers happy, so if you have any questions or feedback at all, please know that we would be delighted to hear from you.

We are pretty confident that you will love what we offer and join our ever growing number of happy customers, enjoying Sky TV in europe for years to come.


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We are hiring

Professional Installers

We are currently recruiting professional satellite companies and installers all across Europe and neighboring countries. As many of our customers require assistance with installing the equipment we provide them, we need a network of engineers to carry out a professional satellite installation service for our European customers.


Sales Agents

We are currently recruiting to work with companies that are providing Expat services that are able to attract more clients to our business. As our customers are mainly European based, we are looking to work with as many companies as possible that work in the Expat industry to become a reseller or lead generator for our product.



Our Philosophy

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