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Ways to watch Sky Sports and News Online for Free (100% Working)

Ways to watch Sky Sports and News Online for Free (100% Working)

By | Sky TV Abroad Online

Sky is one of the leading TV providers when it comes to sports and news. And one of the best regions to better exploit the amazing contents of Sky is the United Kingdom. Many pay-per-view sporting events or news programs are exclusive to the United Kingdom –since they are primarily based in England-, and it is kind of disappointing when you want to enjoy this contents but you leave anywhere else in the world. Well, luckily for you, there are various ways to watch sky tv abroad online free no matter where you live. Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

1. Sky Has Dedicated Streaming Apps That Offer You Exactly The Same Content (But You Will Need A VPN)

Sky, as a major TV provider, has many different apps that stream your favorite content when you are away from home. While this apps –many of which include dedicated apps to watch sky tv online free, particularly news or sporting programs- are designed for UK-based users who are travelling within the UK and want to enjoy the contents they are paying for anywhere they are, there is a little trick you can apply to enjoy those very contents even if you are not a UK resident –but you will need a friend who has Sky and lives in the UK, though-.

Since Sky streaming apps for computers or mobile devices are designed to just be an extension of the service you are already paying for, they only show the contents available at the country you access them from, and that is when you are going to need a VPN. A VPN is a very simple piece of software –there are several companies that offer VPN solutions, each with different features and capabilities- that you install on your computer, cellphone or tablet an sends all your information through a series of virtual routers located all over the world. While the main purpose of VPNs is to hide your real IP address and location to give you more privacy, they can be used for accessing online content that is blocked in your area. While you probably are going to have to pay for the full version of any VPN you choose, full versions allow you to choose the country you want to use as your virtual location. After downloading and installing your VPN, you just have to choose any country in the United Kingdom, access the Sky streaming apps, enter your UK-resident friend’s client information and you will be able to watch all the sports and news programs from UK for free. Also, this shouldn’t cost your friend any extra money, since it is a service included in his regular bill.

2. Free Online Streaming Sites Are Also An Option

If installing a VPN and getting a friend to help you feels too complicated or time-consuming for you, you can always search the Internet for one of the many streaming services that allow you to watch sky online.

Many dedicated websites from all around the world broadcast television signals in real time and they have a wide array of channels available for you to never miss out on the big game you have been looking for or the relevant news you like to get from a particular anchor. You just have to make sure you have an updated and functional anti-virus software installed, since due to the high traffic these kind of webpages get, they are often targets for hackers to plant virus that could damage your computer. Also, you should know beforehand that many of these online streaming sites do not offer high definition options and you may have to click on a few ads before accessing your content.

3. Social Networks Often Contain Live Streams Of Major Sports Event Or Important News

If you think that none of the two previous options is right for you, because installing a VPN sounds complicated, you do not have any friends living in the United Kingdom or you do not want to deal with tons of ads and potential malware on free online streaming sites, but you still want to watch Sky sports online for free, there is a third option that you can try, especially if you are looking for a very popular sporting event or a transcendental news coverage by your favorite anchors.

Most major social networks have an option to live stream with your cellphone or computer, and there are many people around the world who like to live stream sporting games or important news coverage to either help propagating the information or gain followers. You just need to look for live streams originating in the United Kingdom and you might get lucky and watch Sky online for free and with no further complications. It is definitely and option you should at least try –though it is not guaranteed to always work, like the previous two-.

Final Words

Even when international news or sports games are the same around the world, everyone enjoys the experience when presented by a particular group of people, or feels like some news anchors and chains are less biased than other. If your preferred programs are only available in the United Kingdom and you don’t live there, you don’t have to worry: there is always a way to watch Sky online!