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Best Ways to Watch all Sky UK TV Channels in Germany

Best Ways to Watch all Sky UK TV Channels in Germany

By | Sky TV Germany

While there are many TV providers, each with their particular upsides and downsides, England-based Sky is one of the most popular ones in Europe. It provides several channels, pay-per-view sports and events options and even proprietary content. While Sky does have operations in Germany, many of their most popular and acclaimed channels and shows are only available in the United Kingdom. If you want to catch the latest season of your favorite series or a particular sports event that is only available in the UK TV in Germany, here are some things you should consider:

There are several live streams available online

One of the most popular reasons why people from countries where the service is not available in full try to get Sky TV in Germany for example, signal is that they want to watch the season premiere of a series only transmitted in the UK in real time, before social networks are flooded with spoilers.

Many people are familiar with online streaming services that offer the hottest series, but they usually take a long time to update their contents. If this case applies to you, you should know that there are also several pages that constantly live stream channels unavailable worldwide. There are two things to consider, though: First of all, there are many paid live stream services that are a scam and will take your money and then redirect you to free websites, so you should be careful. And, of course, the free webpages, even when they work, are usually riddled with ads, take a long time to buffer and show constantly-interrupted content, offer almost exclusively low definition options and could even damage your computer if you are not careful.

Use Sky GO in Germany with a VPN

Sky GO is one of the most convenient features of Sky in the United Kingdom. It lets you watch your favorite shows and channels in real time at you mobile device or computer, in case you are travelling or on the go. While this is a great option for UK residents who are already paying their Sky bill and just want a more versatile option, the service is currently unavailable in some countries, including Germany, which makes it a not-so-great option if you are living in Germany or even if you are an UK resident travelling abroad.

There is a clever solution, though. A VPN (which stands for Virtual Private Network) is a piece of software you install on your computer or mobile devices to route your internet traffic through a different, virtual server after it passes through the server you are actually using. To put it simply, when you access any website, the website can tell your current location and selectively block the content for particular regions; but with a VPN you kind of “trick” the website into thinking you are accessing from a different location, which would prevent any regional content blocks. While most free-to-use VPN’s are designed only for privacy and they use any server available on any country in the world, there are very affordable choices that let you choose which country to use to route your traffic.

If you are already paying your Sky bill in the UK but happen to be travelling to Germany, you could just buy a VPN and select a server from your home country to access all the content you are entitled to. If you are not an UK resident and want to watch UK TV in Germany, you will also need to get someone from the United Kingdom to let you use his or her client information to access Sky Go.

Buy a Sky card from a third party

There are several companies that sell Sky cards to people who want to have all of the UK Sky channels available while living outside the UK. The way that regular Sky signal works is by installing a dish that gets the signal from the air and sending it to a digital box, which decodifies it and then sends it to the TV so you can enjoy all the channels. The problem is that since the signal waves are literally everywhere at all times and the decodifying boxes aren’t very complicated to build and therefore are sold by many third parties, Sky users get a special Sky card that goes inside the digital box to “authorize” the user to receive Sky’s signal.

Many companies in different countries sell these so-called Sky cards with an included special digital box that behaves exactly as it would in the UK, allowing users from other countries, like Germany, to get UK TV in their homes. There are several different companies with different pricing plans and channel packages, so you should browse for a while until you find one that includes your favorite channel!


Whether you are a UK resident travelling abroad that just wants to enjoy the service you are paying for wherever you are, or you are a resident from another country and want to get the channels and programs you have grown to love, you should rest assured there is an option that will allow you to do it. You just have to compare all of them and figure out which one is best for you.