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5 Ways to Watch Sky UK TV Channels Outside of The UK

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Sky is one of the biggest TV broadcasters in Europe, having over twenty million subscribers. But even when several countries have Sky providers with their particular channel packages and even some with dedicated channels exclusive to them, probably the most iconic channels, shows and series list is that of the United Kingdom. Many critically acclaimed series are available exclusively in the United Kingdom and that can be frustrating if you are traveling to a different country or if you permanently live in a different country. But do not worry, because regardless of where do you live, you can watch British TV abroad with ease. Just choose one of these 5 options to watch English Sky TV overseas.

1. Sky apps for UK residents traveling abroad to participating EU territories

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom and just happen to be travelling abroad for business or pleasure, but you don’t want to miss out on your favorite series or shows, you do not have to worry, since Sky has several dedicated apps for your computer or mobile devices where you can stream content with the exact same quality you enjoy at your home; you just need to introduce your client information and you will be able to watch UK TV abroad without paying any extra fee –this is a service included in your regular bill.

The only thing that you should keep in mind is that these apps only work in certain participating territories, so you should check directly on the Sky’s webpage if the country you are travelling to supports Sky streaming.

2. Sky apps for non-UK residents or when travelling to a non-participating EU territory (using a VPN)

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom but the country you are visiting does not support streaming through the official Sky apps for computers or mobile devices, there is a little trick you can pull off to still enjoy your favorite content: you can use a VPN to watch English Sky TV overseas.

A VPN is a very simple piece of software that you download to your computer or mobile device that is designed to help you protect your privacy by hiding your actual location from the websites or apps you use. You can exploit the capabilities of pretty much any VPN program by choosing a server from a Sky streaming participating territory, so you would be able to watch your shows as if you were in a country were streaming is allowed, no matter where you are –although most VPNs only allow this option in their paid versions, but they still are not very expensive.

If you are not an original UK resident and still want to watch UK TV outside of UK, you just have to do the same process, but then find a friend who resides in the UK to lend you his client information and allow you to use Sky’s streaming services wherever you are.

3. Online streaming services for non-participating territories

If you feel like installing a VPN or getting a UK-resident friend’s client information is way too much trouble and you just want to stream a couple of episodes while you are on the go, you can always browse around to find a free online streaming service.

There are hundreds of pages that live stream TV channels from all around the world for free, and they could help you if the game you are planning to watch starts in only a few minutes and you do not have time to go with any of the other options in this list. You should keep in mind, though, that they frequently include a lot of ads, that the content might not be in High Definition and that if your Internet connection is not the best, you could experience some lag and/or slow buffering times.

4. Buying a Sky card for long stays at non-participating territories

If you are planning to stay for a long time –or even to buy a house- in a country that does not support Sky streaming services and you want to watch UK TV abroad, you could always go for a more long-term solution by buying a Sky card. There are many companies in a lot of countries that offer you digital boxes with Sky cards included as a monthly plan, so you can enjoy the regular channels offered to UK residents anywhere you are. You only need to keep in mind that some companies might not be legit and try to scam you, but if you are careful and do your proper research you will surely find one that solves your problem.

5. Try to get lucky on social networks for high-profile events

If none of this options seem appropriate for you because you just want to watch a high-profile event that is not televised on your country but don’t want to expose your computer to potential viruses by visiting a free online streaming service, you can always try your luck searching for a live stream of the event at social networks. Many people believe in free use of information and use their personal profiles to live stream events available at their countries. Especially if you are looking for a major sports event, you can always enjoy it on social networks without so many ads and potential risks.


The conclusion is that, no matter where you are or where you usually live, you can always watch UK TV online outside of UK. Here we showed you 5 options so you can choose which one is the best fit for you.