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Order Sky ViewingAll TV Bundles now come with Sky Q – our next generation box. Record and store more than before and enjoy our most advanced TV experience ever.Switching to Sky is easy and hassle-free with our dedicated Switch Squad. If you're a BT, TalkTalk, EE or Plusnet customer, the Switch Squad will deal with your current provider so you don't have to.

Sky's next-generation TV service is now available, with installations taking place as we type this. As you'd expect from Sky, It's expensive. But if you're already paying top dollar for a subscription then upgrading might not be as pricey as you'd expect.At the heart of the Sky Q package is the Sky Q Box. This is pretty much an advancement of the older Sky+ HD box that sits pride of place under so many of our TV sets.

Besides the enticing thought of 4K broadcasts, one of the key things the Sky Q Box can do is output to multiple Sky Q Mini boxes. These are smaller versions of the Sky Q Box that can push content to other screens in your house.Add in a swish new Bluetooth remote, a sharp image-heavy UI, and improved tablet and smartphone integration, and we have is a strong evolution of the Sky TV experience.So how much will it cost? Sky's pricing announcement initially took many by surprise with its apparent reasonableness. But, that's far from the whole story.

First, let's run through the two core Sky Q packages and their attendant costs.

This is your entry-level Sky Q bundle, and the one that relates to Sky's initial pricing announcement. However, it actually lacks many of the headline features Sky introduced back in November.

After a £99 set-up fee for new Sky Q Bundle subscribers (existing customers pay £50), you'll have £44 per month to pay. There's no hardware fee attached to this (or the Silver Bundle for that matter), as you're not actually buying the Sky Q Box that comes with the package. You're merely renting them from Sky.

For this you get a 1TB Sky Q Hub (the same capacity as the existing Sky+ HD box) that enables Sky TV in one room – so none of the multi-room-enabling Sky Q Mini boxes mentioned above. You also only get to stream Sky content to a single tablet.You also get to record three programmes whilst watching a fourth live. You get all of the regular Sky channels with the notable exceptions of the Sky Sports and Sky Movies packages, which will cost extra.

Sky's premium bundle is the one that really represents the full Sky Q experience, as spelled out at launch.

Here, there's a £99 set-up fee if you're renting a Sky Q Silver box plus a Sky Q Mini box, and a £149 set-up fee if you're just after the Sky Q Silver box on its own. Whichever you choose, new customers must then pay £56 per month.

Order Sky Viewing

For this you get an upgraded Sky Q Hub with 2TB of storage (double that of the regular bundle), and the ability to record four programmes and watch a fifth live (one more than the regular bundle).Perhaps the biggest addition here, though, is the Sky Q Silver Hub's ability to push content to two additional rooms through the Sky Q Mini boxes. You get one Sky Q Mini box in the package, but you have to pay extra if you want to add more. Sky doesn't say how much the extra boxes will cost.

This Silver box is also the only one of the two that supports 4K, so if you want to be watching UHD content when it hits later in the year then this is the one for.The Silver bundle enables you to stream content to two tablets rather than one, and once again you get the full set of 300-odd Sky channels, minus Sky Sports and Sky Movies.


In order to receive Sky Movies and Sky Sports on either Sky Q Bundle, you'll need to pay an extra £1 per month for Sky Movies, and £20.50 per month for Sky Sports.Alternatively, you can bundle both together for £34.50 per month – a £3 saving. Bargain.

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Sky TV Switzerland

With Sky TV, you can now sit comfortably at home to enjoy all the dramas, movies, live shows

Sky TV SwitzerlandFor every new subscriber who signs up with Sky TV, you don't need to pay any additional cost for installation service. You will be able to get free Sky Box even you have just signed up for one single pack. This unique box works wonders. You are able to access to a 7 day television guide and you can record all your favorite programs when you are not available. With some simple settings, you can record all the programs you want automatically.

By doing so, you will never miss any of your favorite programs. If you prefer to watch the programs with your computer or laptop, this can be done easily too. Do you know that you can even view the live premier leagues with your iPhone by just signing up the Sky Sports pack? In other words, you can grab the opportunity to view all the best shots in every football match.

With the technology advancement, we are moving towards the new era. Everybody is talking about "high definition", so as Sky TV. Currently, there are loads of channels broadcasting in high definition. If you have a ready HD television at home, you are recommended to take full advantage of what has been offered by Sky. You should take up Sky HD box and enjoy the excellent picture quality all the time.

Being a member of Sky TV, you will also be rewarded with vouchers. Isn't it great? Besides enjoying television service, you can go shopping and purchase things you like with your complimentary vouchers. Moreover, you can generate income for yourself now. By becoming the introducer for Sky TV, you will be rewarded with vouchers too. So, don't wait anymore, join the friend scheme and recommend Sky TV to your friends, relatives and colleagues.

With Sky TV, you can now sit comfortably at home to enjoy all the dramas, movies, live shows, premier leagues, documentaries, and many programs at anytime you want. You just need to pay a very low monthly subscription fee to enjoy television service, broadband service as well as talk time service.

TV to customers living and working throughout Switzerland. Select the viewing package of your choicefrom a variety of channels with Sky TV Europe. We arrange everythingfor you to receive English Sky TV in Europe throughout Switzerland. We can proivide a Sky viewing card, a Sky + HD box dr890 including hard drive for recording and we can also recommend engineers for the installation of Sky in Switzerland.

Due to the country’s extremely mountainous terrain, receiving Sky TV signals in Switzerland vary, so the dish requirements greatly depend on your location, altitude and ability to mount a dish where no obstructions exist. If you live further east in Switzerland around the Linz region, you will need a 240cm (2.4m) dish to receive a clear Sky TV reception. To be completely certain of the correct size dish required where you live, please contact your local professional satellite dish installation company.

Sky TV Switzerland

Watching UK TV abroad has never been easier or as economical as our all-in-one bundle which includes a secure, encrypted connection to our specialist, UK based VPN to ensure you get uninterrupted, 24 hour access to the best in UK TV in Switzerland. In total, there’s more than 80 premium and terrestrial UK television channels combined, for a fraction of the price for a regular satellite or cable TV subscription, yet you get virtually the exact same amount of unbeatable entertainment for less!

There’s no need to set-up any additional television or satellite receiving equipment, so its now the time you threw out those prehistoric decoders and ugly dishes. All you need is access to broadband internet and you could be tuned into some of the best TV entertainment in the world including live and on-demand content from Sky Go. Sky offers some of the best TV entertainment there is, including live sports, movies, news, children’s TV, documentaries, lifestyle and more.

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Sky Tv Monaco

Please be assured that your UK purchased TV will work fine with satellite TV in France

Sky Tv MonacoThe main digital non-subscription service is called TNTSAT and enables you to receive around 20 French channels along with radio. Other European language TV is also available via this service. You can have the same French channels via a terrestrial aerial if you are in a good reception area, but this is not our field so is not covered here.

The TNTSAT service is available using the Astra1 (19.2° east of south) satellite or Eutelsat (5° west of south) where it comes under the name Fransat. The Fransat service is good for those who have purchased a house with a dish already aligned for the now defunct analogue French TV service as it works off the same satellite meaning in theory, you simply need to purchase a Fransat satellite receiver and will not need a dish re-alignment. Other subscription services such as Canal+ (think SKY, but the French equivalent) are also available. Companies such as Orange or SFR also offer French TV services as part of their telephone and internet packages.

Please be assured that your UK purchased TV will work fine with satellite TV in France and should even be compatible with the TNT terrestrial service if it has a built-in 'freeview' tuner.

However, Freeview is not the same as Freesat. For UK TV reception, a Freeview tuner is no good here in France. The suite of channels is also different. A French purchased TV will also be fine for the reception of UK TV via satellite. The old issue of SECAM/PAL standards no longer apply.

There are many people who wish to carry out the installation of their equipment themselves and perhaps bring it from the UK, or purchase the required pieces here in France. However, many people do not, and will therefore require the services of a professional installer. There are many companies offering such services across France (including ourselves!) who will happily discuss your requirements and then carry out the work for you whether it be supplying and installing a complete system, or simply helping you to align your dish.

Sky Tv Monaco

Installation is possible for those of a DIY nature. The dish will usually be mounted on either a wall bracket, or on a chimney bracket. In its most basic form, one cable will then run from the LNB on the dish to the digibox. Aim the dish at the Astra2 satellite which can be found at about 28 degrees east of due south, angle the dish back a little (c.30 degrees) and with a little fiddling you should obtain a reception (this is a very simplified version of what can be a difficult process!). You will see from the direction in which the satellite dish has to point that a south facing wall is a good place to locate the dish if at all possible. It is also far easier than installing on a chimney!

Please note that when aligning the dish, you must have a 'clear line of sight'. This means you cannot point the dish through a tree and expect it to receive a signal. So, unlike a terrestrial areial, your satellite dish cannot go in a loft.

As a word of warning, if you employ the services of someone else to fit your system, then only use the services of an installer who is registered in France with a Siret number. This ensures they are working legally and just as importantly, are insured. If using a French installer for UK TV, be sure to explain that they are looking for the Astra2 satellite at 28.2 degrees and not Astra 1 (19.2 degrees) which distributes many popular French channels.

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Sky Tv France

SKY viewing cards are ONLY genuinely available from SKY

Sky Tv FranceThe most common method of receiving UK TV in France is via satellite. You can do this via a SKY digibox, Freesat receiver or a free-to-air satellite receiver.

Free-to-air (meaning no monthly subscription) channels can be received by any SKY, Freesat or free-to-air digital receiver irrespective of whether it was purchased in the UK or France. Through these, you will be able to receive all the BBC & ITV channels, Channel 4, Five, More4, E4, CBS Drama, 5US, several news channels (Sky News for example), some film channels including Film4, quite a few other varied channels (shopping, religion etc) and numerous UK radio channels. These can all be received by aiming a satellite dish at the Astra 2 group of satellites located 28.2 degrees east of south. A full list can be found here.

Whilst there are a few English language channels available via other satellites, these are very limited and are predominantly news based (BBC World, CNN etc). As noted above, the use of a SKY digibox or Freesat receiver is the most common way of receiving UK TV in France, as people moving here often bring their satellite receiver with them. The added bonus of a SKY digibox is that unlike non-SKY decoders, you will have the option to upgrade to a subscription package should you so desire (though see below). Also, both a SKY Digibox and Freesat receiver come complete with an electronic program guide so you can see what's on over the coming week.

For those who bring theirs from the UK, once you have installed a new, bigger, dish to receive the signal from the Astra 2 satellite (the SKY mini-dish is not recommended across most of France, although it will work, as the satellite signals get weaker the further south of the UK you live), you will receive exactly the same channels as in the UK, save for the fact that your telephone line will no longer be connected if you have a SKY digibox. This will place restrictions on ordering events via SKY Box Office and other interactive services. However, it does not mean that 'pay per view' events cannot be seen, as a phone call to SKY may suffice - though there are dangers in calling from overseas.

Technically, the small print in your SKY contract will state that you are not allowed to take the viewing card outside of the UK and Channel Islands. In reality though, SKY cannot fail to be aware of the fact that many people are taking their digiboxes, viewing cards and therefore continued monthly subscription, abroad.

Sky Tv France

How do I get it?

If you don't already have your own equipment, perhaps the best way to obtain your equipment is to purchase it from a specialist company in France. The benefit to the customer is of course that the equipment will (or at least it should!) come with a full guarantee and should you so wish, can be professionally installed.

Many ex-pats living in France prefer to purchase equipment from companies like ourselves to avoid any language issues whether it be for the actual purchase or just the instruction booklet! Alternatively, receivers sold by Amazon UK can be delivered to your door in France and is highly recommended. You can also purchase Freesat receivers from Amazon via our web-site.

SKY viewing cards (which give you access to many more channels and premium services such as SKY Sports and SKY Movies) are ONLY genuinely available from SKY. However, there are a number of companies which can help arrange a genuine package for you – please feel free to contact us for further information, although please note that we do not supply subscription cards or SKY digiboxes ourselves.

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Watch Sky Sports in Europe

BT Sport vs Sky Sports: All you need to know on where to watch the football on TV and how much it will cost

Watch Sky Sports in EuropeThe standout name was Steven Gerrard as BT Sport unfurled one of the most blockbuster line-ups in broadcasting history on Tuesday morning.Embarking on a debut season showcasing Champions League football, BT have also recruited Gary Lineker. They are now the home of European football for British viewers.

BT revealed all 351 matches from the Champions League and Europa League will be free for those who purchase BT TV.Sportsmail reveals all you need to know about the new era of British television.  

Where can I watch the Champions and Europa League next season?

All matches will be shown live on BT Sport, with at least one match per British team and the final available to non-subscribers.BT say that 'a Red Button service will allow viewers to switch between matches and track the action with a new ‘Goal Alert’ function,' allowing you to 'know when a goal is scored in any of the games and check the latest stats'.

There will be as many as 14 Europa League fixtures on free-to-air channel BT Sports showcase.

What about the Premier League?

Sky Sports still rule the roost in terms of England's top table, showing 116 live matches. BT, on the other hand, have 38 games.

And if I fancied watching the top divisions on the continent...

Sky Sports is still the exclusive home of La Liga, often shown on their dedicated European channel, Sky Sports 5.Ligue 1 and Bundesliga clashes, however, can be found on BT. They show up to 380 live games of each division, as well as Serie A.

How much is all this going to cost me?

Despite the announcement, BT Sport are yet to reveal the exact price. Their football coverage for BT TV customers is free, with Sky Sports viewers yearning for that bit extra being asked to pay £13.50 extra a month.

BT's mobile only service sets you back £5 a month; the same if you are a BT broadband customer with Sky.For just Sky it sets you back between £18 and £25.50 a month.

Who do we get in front of our screens?

This really is a who's who of footballing royalty. BT have announced that Gary Lineker will join the Champions League team as lead presenter, alongside Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard. They have also confirmed that Paul Scholes, Harry Redknapp and Glenn Hoddle will be providing insight too.

Sky Sports, meanwhile, still have a stellar group at their disposal - particularly for the Premier League. Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are seen as the best double act in British broadcasting, with David Jones and Ed Chamberlain presenting. Sportsmail's Jamie Redknapp is a mainstay, while Thierry Henry was seen as the signing of the season.

Watch Sky Sports in Europe

Interestingly, the ever-popular James Richardson is to present the 'Goals' show, wrapping up the Champions League action to supplement his European Football Show aired from Stratford.  

What about behind the mics?

Martin Tyler, Alan Parry and Rob Hawthorne are the Sky Sports commentating trio, with Darren Fletcher set to take the reins for BT. Michael Owen is their lead co-commentator, with Gary Neville and Alan Smith the go to men for Sky's Premier League clashes.

Finally - where do I watch the other football?

Sky Sports is the place for the Football League, with the broadcaster showing 55 Championship matches, as well as League One, Two and the end of season play-offs.BT share the FA Cup with the BBC, although take a larger share, and are committed to airing 30 Scottish fixtures a year until 2017.

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Watch Sky HD in Europe


Watch Sky HD in Europe

How to set your TV up for Sky Ultra HD, from nailing the right settings to finding the best 4K content

Prepare to melt your eyes with stunning visuals.

It's time. 4K is about to go mainstream, and if you've already splashed out on a shiny new 4K TV, the imminent arrival of Sky Ultra HD will ply your box with hours and hours of gloriously detailed content.

Sadly you won't just be able to plonk yourself down and switch over to a UHD channel though, there's some prep work to do first. Here's how to set up your TV so it's ready for the Sky Ultra HD launch tomorrow

As well as the obvious - a 4K compatible TV - you'll need to be a Sky Q Silver customer in order to enjoy the broadcaster's new array of Ultra HD content. Clearing up some of the confusion that surrounded the Sky Q vs Sky Q Silver differences at launch, only the more expensive bundle, with its specs superior box, is Ultra HD compatible.

It's only the main Sky Q Silver box that will let you watch Ultra HD content too. If you've got a 4K set up in your bedroom (alright, your Highness), attached to a smaller Sky Q Mini box, you're out of luck. The secondary set-top systems are simply unable to handle the 4K demands, so it's attached to your main box or nothing.

The only other stipulation is that your 4K friendly TV, which offers four times the resolution of standard Full HD models, supports 2160p content at 50 frames per second, and supports the HDCP 2.2 standard (that's High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection for those not up with their abbreviations).


Once you've got all your compatible kit sorted, sadly getting Sky Ultra HD up and running is a little more complicated than plugging it all in and pointing your remote at the thing. Not much more, but a little.

Fortunately, sorting this is a doddle. Using your Sky Q remote, simply go Settings > Setup > Audio Visual and make sure that you've selected the 2160p resolution option.

If you fail to do this, when you try to view UHD content for the first time, you'll be offered you a prompt to sort out your resolution settings. Here, hitting the red button will launch a simply walkthrough guide to get your 4K compliant.


There's a reason why Sky Ultra HD is launching on August 13, and it has nothing to do with a fondness of the 'unlucky' number. That's when the new Barclays Premier League season starts, the perfect foundation for Sky's 4K efforts.

Watch Sky HD in Europe

With at least of 124 of Sky's 126 Premier League matches this season set to be broadcast in Ultra HD, you'd be forgiven for thinking that a dedicated Sky Sports Ultra HD channel was on the cards. This isn't the case though.

Instead, when you tune into a channel that currently has a live Ultra HD option, an on-screen prompt will appear. Clicking this will switch you to an upgraded stream. Want to record in UHD? You got it, although you'll need a lot of spare disk space. By going to the Sky Sports Home Page and selecting the new Ultra HD option, you'll be able to see what's coming up and set your recordings accordingly.


As mentioned, despite offering hundreds of hours of Ultra HD content on day one, Sky isn't adding any dedicated Ultra HD channels. That doesn't mean that finding the eye-appeasing stuff is more of a chore than simply tapping three digits into your remote though.

Thanks to handy, tagged sections, you can easily filter out what Sky Ultra HD content is available in the sections you want.

Pointing your EPG at Home > Sky Cinema > Ultra HD will let you browse, download and view all the available 4K films, including the likes of The Martian, Spectre and Minions. Similarly, going Home > Sky Box Sets > Ultra HD will let you enjoy dozens of top flight shows in detail you've never seen before.

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Watch Sky TV in Europe

Online TV is opening up a world of possibilities for television stations

Watch Sky TV in EuropeOnline TV is opening up a world of possibilities for television stations. All over the world, TV stations are making their broadcasts available to view online. The United States alone offers hundreds of stations, while nations like South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, Finland, Spain, France, Japan and many more are offering stations as well. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what individuals can find when they watch TV online. Whether you're interested in movies, news, documentaries, various sporting events, soap operas, kids programs, music channels, in fact the list is endless.

There are many advantages to making television accessible via the web. Many people have very little time to watch television during the day. There are workers who get up in the morning and work late and are on their laptops always working on a day to day basis. On a lunch break, it would be nice for people to have a chance to get away and watch a bit of TV. Maybe Catch up on the scores or sneak a glimpse of a soap opera. This would appeal to busy people, many of those who don't get a chance to do so at home can watch TV online on a computer.

Watching TV online requires no additional hardware and when new channels become available they are automatically added. All the software necessary to view TV on the Internet use easy to use user interfaces. The best thing and the most obvious is that there is no monthly charges for watching TV on the Internet usually just a small one time fee to get all the information to get you up and running. There are literally hundreds of channels available and Internet software adapt to pretty much any Internet connection however fast or slow.

This method of watching TV is new and revolutionary and is already pulling in billions of viewers worldwide. I'm sure that in years to come, once people have found out how much is available online, Internet TV will become more popular than ever! Even the best football matches that aren't shown on normal satellite or cable can be found online, even live Premiership games in the UK!

Watching television shows online used to be quite difficult, with many websites offering lots of tv shows and movies for download. The problem was that these were illegal, and to download anything from them was dangerous. With the recent release of the BBC Iplayer in the UK, illegal downloading of television shows could be over.

Watch Sky TV in Europe

The BBC Iplayer, allows you to watch British television shows like, Eastenders and Little Britain for free. This service is now also available for other UK channels like ITV1 and Sky digital channels like Sky One. With these new services, downloading from illegal websites is not necessary any more. These websites are still online today, offering new cinema released movies for download. If you have ever downloaded any of these movies, you will probably know that the quality of these movies are bad. Most of these are filmed inside the movie theater with a dvd recordable handheld camera, this usually cuts half of the screen from view, and turns out that it ruins the experience of the movie you waited months to see.

In recent years with this turning into a really big problem for big movie producers like Universal and Disney, the movies are released on to DVD format within three to four months. This has had an effect on the illegal movie websites as people don't have to wait nine to twelve months for the movies DVD release. Also in Europe, lots of internet providers are now placing the, "three strikes and your out" policy on their service. This means that if you are caught downloading illegal material, ie music and movies three times, you are banned for life from your internet provider. Virgin Media is one of the first to be placing this policy in the UK and other European countries.

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Order Sky Tv In Europe

Order Sky Tv In Europe is seeking more sources of growth as its core UK satellite business

Order Sky Tv In EuropeSky is secretly preparing a major expansion of its European empire by launching its online streaming service Now TV in Spain as the first stage of a plan to challenge Netflix and Amazon across the continent. Looking forward to changing your television watching behavior? Yes, you can do it now with Sky Television. It brings you the latest dramas, movies, music videos, best live shows, exclusive football matches, interesting documentaries, and many more. You can watch all your favorite programs anytime you like. Let me share with you how you can fully utilize this satellite television to the optimum level.

For more than a year, a team at the pay-TV giant have been laying the groundwork for its first move into territories where it has no satellite operation, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal. First of all, let's see what programs are offered by Sky TV. In common, there are six types of entertainment packs offered to the customers. If you like dramas, series and comedies very much, variety pack is definitely the right choice for you.

If the launch is a success, it is understood that Sky will then target other untapped European territories for Now TV expansion. Besides this, you will also be able to watch over 450 movies every week by upgrading the variety pack. If you are a particular music lover, signing up for a music pack will enable you to watch all live concerts and latest music videos in high definition.

Now TV is expected to be offered to Spanish households for €10 per month, positioning Sky alongside Netflix as a low-cost way for consumers to boost their entertainment options. In order to be successful in business, you need to keep yourself updated with all the changes in stock market. By getting yourself the news and events pack, you will be able to get hold of the latest financial information and business opportunities easily. Even if you are not actively involved in business, this particular package enables you to enjoy all the sports events around the world.

Amazon is also preparing to enter the Spanish market this year by launching its Instant Video service. For people who are dealing with food and beverages, fashions and furniture, Sky's style and culture pack works best for them. They will be able to gain a lot of new ideas and latest innovation from different channels.

Spain is seen as attractive to subscription streaming providers in part because a relatively low proportion of households currently subscribe to traditional pay-TV. According to official figures, only 27pc of Spanish homes have pay-TV, compared with nearly two thirds of British households.

The Spanish market has been expanding quickly, however, boosted by the roll-out of ultrafast broadband networks. On-demand viewing has increased by nearly a quarter in the last two years.

A third of Spaniards who do not have pay-TV cite the cost of subscribing to a traditional operator as the main barrier, providing a further draw for Now TV. The traditional market is dominated by Telefonica, Vodafone and Orange, which bundle pay-TV with broadband services.

Order Sky Tv In Europe

For Sky the move is a crucial test of whether Now TV can succeed in a country where it does not have a satellite operation. The company is already attempting to push into streaming and the lower end of the pay-TV market in German and Italy, where it also offers traditional, more expensive services.

Sky is seeking more sources of growth as its core UK satellite business is no longer adding significant numbers of new households and has stretched the willingness of subscribers to accept price rises in the face of cheaper options such as BT TV.

Over the long term, satellite TV is expected to go into decline as the internet becomes the main means of distributing programmes.

As well as investing in building a bigger streaming empire, Sky is gearing up for the launch of its UK mobile network, based on a deal with O2.

Launching Now TV in Spain means Sky could steal a march on Europe’s second largest pay-TV operator, Vivendi of France, which had intended to “build strong positions in Southern Europe, a market that shares a similar Latin culture and roots”.

The keystone of the plan was to be its acquisition of the Italian pay-TV operator Mediaset Premium, which also sells its programming in Spain via streaming. However, that takeover fell apart in a dispute over the valuation of Mediaset with the Berlusconi family, who control its current parent company.

Vivendi has said it still has “different options” to realise its pan-European vision, in comments likely to trigger speculation about its intentions towards Sky.

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