How To Watch Sky TV in France

Can you receive Sky TV in France?

It’s a question a lot of Expats ask when they relocate to another city. In the EU its possible to receive the Sky signal, enabling English speaking Expats to watch English TV channels.

How do I watch Sky in France?

In order to watch Sky TV in France, you’ll need a Sky viewing card with a Sky package, a Sky HD Digibox to watch channels in HD, and a satellite dish pointing at the Astra 2 satellite.

With Sky cards for Europe, we provide Sky TV in France and can assist you arrange an installing the equipment.

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Will I need a Sky viewing card to watch Sky?

Yes. To watch Sky, you’ll require a Sky viewing card. We can offer you the latest Sky packages offering premium sports, movies and entertainment channels.

What about a Sky Digibox?

Yes. To watch Sky, you will need a Sky Digibox. Skycards4Europe offer the latest in Sky HD and 2tb Digiboxes. We can even offer the latest Sky Q Digiboxes that with VPN can connect to the internet to take advantage of Sky On Demand services.

Can I watch Sky Catch Up and On Demand?

Yes. With Skycards4Europe we provide you with VPN services allowing you to take advantage of Sky Catch Up and On Demand services.

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What About Additional Channels?

Yes we can also add additional channels to your Sky package. Watch the latest premier league, or UFC with BT Sport. For those wanting Asian content, we also provide Sky Asia.

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