Watch Sky TV in Belgium

How To Watch Sky TV in Belgium

With more and more UK nationals moving to the EU, more and more relocate to major cities like Brussels and Antwerp for work or for pleasure. Watching foreign channels can make you feel home-sick. However have you ever stopped to think if you can receive UK channels in somewhere like Belgium. The answer is yes you can.

Skycards4Europe are able to provide you with a Sky viewing card, the latest Sky Digibox and are even able to recommend professional installers in certain cities. So you don’t need to feel home-sick or miss your favourite TV programmes anymore.

What will you need?

You can choose from several Sky packages including Sky Sports for the latest in Premier League football and international sports, to Sky Movies for the newest Rom-coms and action movies Hollywood has to offer. There is always something to watch on Sky even the kids with Sky’s very own Disney Channel.

Will you need a satellite dish?

Yes. You’ll need a Sky zone 2 satellite dish we’re able to offer you. Please contact us today for more information on the 45cm Sky zone2 satellite dish;

What Sky packages do you offer?

We offer the latest Sky packages:

  • Sky Complete
  • Sky Sports Package
  • Sky Movies Package
  • Sky Original Package
  • Sky Variety Package

Read more information on the Sky packages we offer.

What about a Sky Digibox?

Yes, you’ll also require a Sky Digibox. We offer the latest generation Sky+ HD 500gb, or Sky+ HD 2tb. We can now offer the latest Sky Q Digibox for those that want the latest tech Sky can offer.

What about additional channels?

Skycards4Europe can offer the latest additional channels to add to your existing Sky subscription. Want the latest in UFC? Then BT Sport is what you need. Or are you into betting? Then take advantage of Racing UK for the latest in UK horse racing.

What parts of Belgium do you cover?

With the Sky zone 2 satellite dish pointing at Astra 2’s satellite, you’ll be able to receive the Sky signal from anywhere in Belgium. Major cities include Brussels and Antwerp where there are many UK expats currently enjoying Sky TV with Skycards4Europe.